I'm susi

I'm a creative, welcome to my website.

I studied media design in Munich and photography at the London School of Photography.

I have worked in communications and advertising agencies as a graphic designer and finishing artist. I love the beach (the ocean and the sea breeze make me a better person), going to cafes (mocha, please), concerts (live music ignites my soul), paddle boarding and I'm a sucker for beautiful typography and handmade stuff. I currently live in Colorado with my husband and our three rescue dogs.

Adventure begins

I was born in Munich, Germany and grew up in Curitiba, Brazil. At home we ate Sauerkraut with hashi. As a teenager I joined the Scouts movement and for four years it kept me out of trouble and built me as an adventurous-seeking, socially responsible human. Weekends were spent camping, hiking, learning survival skills, organising and traveling across the south of Brazil. I moved to Munich when I was 19 and the years working at an Irish pub was a masterclass in working with people.


  • I have lived in three cities in three different countries, and they all had zipcodes starting with 8
  • earplugs give me the feeling my thoughts are trapped inside my head
  • my life is covered in dog hair
  • clumsy, clumsier, the clumsiest
  • I love puzzles