My name is Susi, and I’m an international photographer and graphic designer based in Curitiba, Brazil. I’m half-japanese, half-ginger, and proud to be both. German by birth and Brazilian by heart.

I am a lucky girl who has had the chance to work with some amazing people who have taught me as much as I could possibly absorb (I am a bit of a sponge). Photography has come with me to many places around the world.

I find people and their stories fascinating. I love people-watching. I believe everyone is interesting, and I’m always keen on finding out more about them and having the chance to learn from them. Photography allows me to engage with people, and it gives me the tools to document and tell their stories. My photography is as simple as it can be: I try to take advantage of natural light. I like locations that mean something to the people I’m shooting, and I love capturing people’s connections. I photograph families, newborn, couples, weddings, boudoir, sports and food. I trust my photography and my creativity, and I make sure to stay true to who I am as an artist.


Susi (Suz, Sooz, tuca) in a nutshell:

  • I love to brunch, I really enjoy my morning cup of coffee, and I wish I could master the art of making poached eggs
  • I have a collection of mugs from Starbucks, and I use them on a daily basis, every time I have a coffee it is a trip to somewhere else
  • I love going to concerts and movies, though I go to both less than I’d like
  • I have to have popcorn when I go to the cinema: salty and sweet (salty on top, sweet on bottom)
  • I really dislike running, but I love playing sports (team sports mostly)
  • Mint chocolate chip is the best ice-cream flavour (with proper chunks of chocolate)
  • The ocean makes me a better person
  • I would move to San Diego in a heartbeat
  • I love typography
  • I am addicted to travel, but I don’t enjoy packing
  • I don’t wear earplugs–they make me feel as if my thoughts are trapped inside my head

There are many more random facts about me, and I would love to hear yours.
Send me an hola! and we can make it happen.